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Meet AR Racking

Exhibiting at IMHX 2022

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Ahead of IMHX 2022, we caught up with José Miguel Sobradillo, Key Account Manager For Global Accounts at AR Racking S.A. to chat all things IMHX, new product launches, sustainability and key market trends to watch out for.

To learn more about AR Racking, visit them at IMHX 2022 or head over to the AR Racking website.

We are living, since the end of last year,with a big steel crisis and we also are facing a shortage of steel supply in Europe. This has created great turbulence and volatility in prices and delivery.

However, our industry remained active in the worst phases of the pandemic and there is still a lot of dynamism. Companies are transforming their supply chains.

Many of our customers have adapted their logistics to respond to new demands or new sales channels, and this requires logistical adaptations involving new investments or modifications to existing facilities.

So, we expect 2022 to be a year of growth in our sector.

When we say that our product range is constantly improving, it is because we have a real commitment to R+D+i.

In addition to the innovation department at our headquarters, we have two research classrooms and test laboratories at two universities, where we subject our products to all kinds of tests and potential improvements, always following the latest regulations.

We have been implementing sustainability policies at AR Racking for a long time. We are in an industry where sustainability is a big challenge, but we have made great strides.

Since 2015, plastic consumption has been reduced by more than 23.2% in the production and packaging process. Since 2015, AR Racking has reduced the use of cardboard by more than 25% in its manufacturing and logistics processes. And over the last 5 years, natural gas consumption has fallen by 15.9%. The intention is to further improve these ratios.

Many companies have realised that their warehouses and distribution centres need to change to keep up with the demands of markets where fast deliveries with little margin for error and great flexibility for the customer prevail. Having a logistics centre in line with the new market realities is a strategic step that many companies urgently need to take.

The intralogistics sector is experiencing a growing demand for warehouses that are more efficient, faster, more automated, and more scalable.