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Meet Axelent

Exhibiting at IMHX 2022

Stand 5B115

Ahead of IMHX 2022, Daniel Maxwell - UK Sales Manager at Axelent, chatted to us about all things IMHX, new product launches, sustainability and key market trends to watch out for.

To learn more about Axelent, visit them at IMHX 2022 or head over to the Axelent website.

Axelent’s view on the industry is to keep people safe, and this is what we are passionate about. Since 1990 we have been striving forward to ensure all personnel within the logistical and other similar sectors are provided with a safe working environment which they are entitled too.

The logistics industry within the UK is growing from strength to strength, with the recent years we have experienced in the UK and globally in that matter, E-Commerce and warehousing in the UK experienced one of its largest spikes in demand and supply. Resulting in Logistical space increasingly more prominent, as we see countless new sites being constructed alongside vacant sites being now occupied throughout. Axelent are here to provide simplicity to safety throughout these environments.

With the restructure of export and import to the UK in the last 24 months the industry has seen larger investments from global organisations also to enable them to have sufficient resources and facilities within the UK. Its fantastic to have the industry in such a strong position as it is now, and hopefully this pattern of growth and sustainability investments can continue. 

Alongside developing and expanding our wide Range of X-Guard Machine fencing product lines, X-Store storage and warehouse partitions systems. The most exciting Product launch in 2022 is our new X-Protect system, which brings a new dynamic to impact protection within the industry. Keeping inline with the Axelent DNA, X-Protect is the first of its kind with a modular design enabling various configurations and applications across the board, which is a great USP with an ever-evolving environment in the logistics world.  

The X-Protect journey has been a brand-new learning curve, ultimately introducing new materials into our manufacturing processes, but a very enjoyable venture and as a group we feel we have created a very impressive solution to impact protection which we will hopefully see implemented in a logistical site near you soon.

Were lucky enough to be in position to be launching our new System at IMHX 2022, and we are excited to show everyone X-Protect alongside displaying a wide range of various products we manufacture and supply from our factory in Hillerstorp, Sweden. 

Sustainability within our business is extremely important, not only on the product front with relevance to the industry and developments from what we can offer but from a business aspect including our operational values. These values including innovation as much as sustainability have a big impact on the operation of Axelent Global, which has been led by Axelent’s founders who are still actively working in the company.

Since 2015, Axelent’s entire power needs come exclusively from its own wind turbines. Most of the company’s energy consumption occurs in the production facilities in Hillerstorp - which is powered by 100% renewable energy. Additionally, the factory also recycles the excess heat from the production line which is then used to heat Axelent’s other premises.

At Axelent we strive for high efficiency in the use of natural resources, a maximized material utilization to reduce scrap and spoilage and 99% of our products are recyclable. Sustainability, the environment and occupational health and safety are an integral part of our operations. We take responsibility for our actions, care about our roots and our social environment.

As a global organisation we are proud of the investments we have made and will continue to actively lead by example. 

Looking back at the previous 5 years within the industry we have seen some big changes, from our point of view mainly focusing on the automation sector which is a great transition for Axelent with our X-Guard and other safety systems. Regarding Logistics the challenging and ever evolving goal is how efficient and economic your facility can operate and the automation we have seen implemented provides just that.

We have also seen a consistent pattern with some of our larger customers also investing in smaller ‘Express’ or ‘Local’ distribution hubs alongside their main UK distribution Centres or headquarters which is not slowing down over the next 24 month forecast which again is a great positive.