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Meet BotsAndUs

Exhibiting at IMHX 2022

Stand UK15

Ahead of IMHX 2022, Andrei Danescu - Co-Founder & CEO of BotsAndUs, chatted to us about all things IMHX, new product launches, sustainability and key market trends to watch out for.

To learn more about BotsAndUs, visit them at IMHX 2022 or head over to the BotsAndUs website.

This is a time of change for the industry. Automation and robots are changing the way it operates - improving efficiencies and sustainability and making work safer and more rewarding in a wide range of roles across the industry sectors.

In the 2021 World Robotics Service Robots Report published by the International Federation of Robotics (IRF), the logistics and warehousing sectors are reported to be seeing a boom in autonomous mobile robots (AMR). Meanwhile a 20201 survey showed that warehouse automation is expected to become an increasingly desirable option to the manual alternative over the next few years.

This broad interest we are seeing in warehouse automation is very encouraging. The survey findings also indicate that changes in the operating environment - such as labour costs, labour shortages, and increased throughput requirements - make automation, AI and robotics feasible for the logistics industry. The current advancements in automation, which have brought about lower costs and scalability improvements, are conveniently supporting the change towards innovative approaches in warehouses and the logistics industry in general.

Against this backdrop, we believe that the future of logistics is going to be data driven, embracing digital twins and interconnectivity. It is also here, and it is now and our data driven, robotic AI solution is part of this outlook.

This is an exciting time for BotsAndUs. In 2021, we launched Mim, our autonomous robotic solution that helps to gain data driven intelligence on all the goods in warehouses. This year, BotsAndUs is dedicated to continuing to develop our current product in collaboration with our customers and presenting the latest version of Mim and its new user case studies in warehouse and retail environments.

Visitors will be able to meet and explore Mim and our platform, which is powered by our proprietary state of-the-art machine vision technology. It is capable of measuring and scanning parcels, pallets and products as they pass through warehouse or retail facilities.

Our tech stack uses advanced machine learning vision techniques to identify and scan barcodes as well as custom application-specific markers where required. This enables various features including pallet & shelf scanning.

We want visitors to see our platform as a solution that makes warehouse workers’ workday easier so they can focus on tasks that truly matter, rather than replacing them from operations. Visitors can see for themselves the advantages it could bring to their operations in terms of productivity, efficiency, stock and order management.

To ensure future proofing, we have taken an innovative and progressive approach: we developed a modular platform that can be modified on both our hardware and software technology. Our stack allows for easy development and deployment of new features and use cases in record time, making our solution extremely versatile, easy to deploy and easy to expand.

Sustainability is built into the way we operate and will continue to be part of our autonomous robotic solutions for streamlining warehouse operations which will save millions per warehouse every year.

The benefits delivered by our solutions are integral to the long-term sustainability of the supply chain through improved efficiencies and by making work safer and more rewarding in a wide range of roles across the industry sectors. We will continue to expand our technology to deliver:

  • Savings in costs, time and inaccuracies.
  • Better working environments for the workforce as they are freed to focus on more complex value-adding tasks.
  • A higher level of enhanced accuracy and transparency, both of which deliver increased revenues that would otherwise not be realized.
  • A holistic environment within the industry, blending people with robots and AI without additional stresses and vast capital expenditure.

Within our own business, we have adopted a sustainable approach and encourage our staff to contribute and grow as individuals. We have introduced flexible working hours with a mix of home and on-site working. As a team, we continue to build the next generation of robotics technology to help organizations harness the power of real-time data and become more efficient in their operations.

The concept of a B2B Metaverse that will allow for the building of digital twins of spaces -especially of warehouses - fed with real time data from the floor, is one of the most exciting trends for the industry. The Metaverse is all about connecting B2B systems, IoT systems, Visualization and Communication systems.

The internet of things (IoT) is also revolutionizing the logistics industry. Being able to “walk” backwards and forwards in space and time across all facilities and seeing how things change and identify any bottlenecks. IoT-powered systems such as BotsAndUs’ AI platform provide detailed information on the whole chain, from the storage and movement of goods to changes in the freight environment and more, all in real time.

The capabilities of predictive analytics and testing of new processes and concepts that this will open are endless, as this data will fuel logistics changing into a technology industry.