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Meet Exotec

Exhibiting at IMHX 2022

Stand 5F100

Ahead of IMHX 2022, Arthur Bellamy - CRO at Exotec, chatted to us about all things IMHX, new product launches, sustainability and key market trends to watch out for.

To learn more about Exotec, visit them at IMHX 2022 or head over to the Exotec website.

The labour shortage is expected to continue, so will the rise of e-commerce, and I don’t see consumer expectations decreasing in terms of services (delivery time, order quality etc.). As a result, optimizing warehouse management will only become more critical for retailers to compete against Amazon and capture a piece of the e-commerce growth. I see robotics as being the solution to these problems. Traditional automation solutions (shuttles, miniload systems etc.) lack the flexibility that today’s world requires.

Yes, four different ones, but they are confidential for now. We wait until our products are installed, running, and customer-approved before communicating about them. Delivering on what we promise is critical to what we do.

We are running an in-depth survey with a specialized organization to assess our carbon footprint and looking into a wide variety of options to continually improve.  

By design, Exotec is very low in terms of power consumption. Our robots weigh just 110 lbs and can move up to 66 lbs. They are the only moving part of our system and are battery powered. They even reuse some of their power consumption through breaking and when descending from the storage racks. 

I expect a big shift towards robotic solutions, as it is the modern answer to the current and future unknown logistical challenges faced by our customers. Robots will continue to do more and more in the warehouse, but I don’t think they will fully replace humans. Humans should focus on more value-added jobs, and we should robotize the repetitive, boring, and physically intensive tasks that people are reluctant to do anyways.