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Meet Witron

Exhibiting at IMHX 2022

Stand 5B03

Ahead of exhibiting at IMHX 2022, we caught up with Jack Kuypers, Senior Vice President North-West Europe at Witron to chat all things IMHX, new product launches, sustainability and key market trends to watch out for.

To learn more about Witron, visit them at IMHX 2022 or head over to the Witron website.

Due to recent developments such as Brexit, the availability of the workforce has become more and more of a problem, the associated costs are sky high! Plus we have ergonomics/labour restrictions which have become more and more important when looking at conventional working processes.

On the other side, automated handling of goods has become more and more mature, so this all leads to an overall better business case for automation.

Witron has always and will continue to strive for optimal solutions that will resolve challenges and deliver advantages to the end-customer. New products/services are mandatory in an ever-changing world and they build the foundation for our success.

One such solution we will be happy to discuss during the visit to IMHX is our OCM Solution (Omni Channel Machinery), a true integration between the vertical processes within the business and the horizontal supply chain. 

Witron will be continuing to develop sustainable solutions not only for the scope of supply it is delivering directly (MHE-solution) but also beyond this by optimising other processes.

A good example would be our pack-pattern calculation enabling store friendly delivery with optimally filled trucks, this has a knock-on effect of fewer trailers on optimised routes therefore less CO2 emissions. Plus, we are influencing the size/amount of deliveries of suppliers to the warehouse etc.

Warehouse automation will continue to grow simply because of the reason why it is currently booming. Depending on technical developments there may be changes upcoming with regards to automated piece-picking (giving more stability and availability).