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The Logistics Podcast.

The Logistics Podcast delivers news and analysis from the UK warehousing and supply chain sectors. Topics include technology, sustainability, people, and retail topics in logistics. Regular guest appearances and interviews allow us to get insight from industry experts, including industry associations and big names in the industry. It's free to listen to now!

The Logistics Podcast

EPISODE 5: Warehouse Gamification with Körber

Released on: 25th April 2024

EPISODE 4: Let's Talk Logistics with Saul Resnick

Released on: 10th April 2024

EPISODE 3: Examining the Conscious Consumer

Released on: 1st February 2024

EPISODE 2: The Evolution of Warehouse Technology

Released on: 22nd January 2024

All Things Apparel

Released on: 22nd November 2023

IMHX & Exhibitor Videos

14th November 2022

An interview with Guus Elbers - DistriSort

1st November 2022

An interview with Bethany Windsor, Programme Manager at CILT

1st November 2022

An interview with Oana Jinga, COO at BotsAndUs

20th October 2022

IMHX 2022: How can Autonomous Case Handling Robots help your warehouse with order picking?

4th October 2022

IMHX 2022: Investing in our carbon future through estate transformation


26th September 2022

IMHX 2022: Driving sustainability in logistics


14th November 2022

An interview with TIVE

1st November 2022

An interview with Harry Watts, Managing Director at SEC Group

1st November 2022

An interview with Russ Harris, Global Account Director at Axelent

20th October 2022

IMHX 2022 - Supply chain carbon emissions: Where to start?

3rd October 2022

IMHX 2022: Going beyond net zero

26th April 2022

IMHX 2022: Will you be there?


1st November 2022

An interview with Damien Skinner, County Manager at Hai Robotics

1st November 2022

An Interview with Joel Garbutt, CSO at TGW

24th October 2022

IMHX 2022: Real world experience of hydrogen-powered MHE

4th October 2022

IMHX 2022: Making e-commerce work with micro fulfillment

27th September 2022

IMHX 2022: Overcoming recruitment challenges with an inclusive workforce


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